I originally played TCGs back from '07 to '09, and when I came back in '13, I had intended to move my files over to this server. However, when I looked for my old site, I found the host (bravenet), had just shut down their free hosting service, and I was unable to retrieve my cards. I thought that would be the end of it..

Then the other day, quite by accident, I found some of my old cards stored on one of my externals. Sadly, I no longer had the trade logs or had them sorted by collecting preference, but I thought it would be cool to display the cards I still had from these games anyway. Without further ado...

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   link button    name    subject
9th Wonders 9th Wonders Heroes
Athenian Athenian Female Animanga Characters
Celestial Celestial Video Games
Divinity Divinity (v1) Animanga Characters
Ebony Ebony Animanga Characters
Golden Afternoon Golden Afternoon Animated Movies/TV Shows
Heroic Heroic Heroes
iCandy iCandy Male Animanga/J-Pop Characters
Ketsuron Ketsuron Animanga Characters
Masami Masami Manga Characters
Medical Cases Medical Cases House
Otakuno Otakuno Animanga Characters
Platinum Platinum Animanga Characters
Sweet Temptation Sweet Temptation BL
Trading Academy Trading Academy Animanga Characters
Whispers Whispers Animanga